Or Hen (MIT) //
Douglas Higinbotham (Jefferson Lab) //
Simon Sirca (U Ljubljana) //
Eric Voutier (IPNO) //

Invited speakers

Claudio Ciofi Degli Atti (INFN Perugia): Title TBA
Nir Barnea (Hebrew U): Title TBA
Werner Boeglin (FIU): Recent and future D(e,e'p) efforts
Tilen Brecelj (JSI): In-medium nucleon form-factor modifications (12C, Mainz)
Erez Cohen (Tel Aviv U): Neutrino-induced proton knockout studies using the MicroBooNE detector
* Arnoldas Deltuva (Vilnius)
Meytal Duer (Tel Aviv U): Recent results from SRC studies using (e,e'p) and (e,e'n) scattering off medium and heavy nuclei
Dipangkar Dutta (MSU): Studies of color transparency
Shalev Gilad (MIT): studies using (e,e'p_recoil) in quasi elastic and DIS kinematics
Carlotta Giusti (Pavia): From (e,e'p) to neutrino-scattering
Jacek Golak (Krakow): Electroweak processes with two- and three-nucleon systems
Sebastian Kuhn (ODU): The BONUS measurement of the free neutron structure function
Jechiel Lichtenstadt (Tel Aviv U): Overview of Mainz in-medium modification FF measurements program
Harald Merkel (U Mainz): Overview of the MAGIX physics program
Miha Mihovilovic (JSI): Double-polarization asymmetries in the He3(e,e'p) and He3(e,e'd) processes
* Peter Monaghan (CNU)
Vishvas Pandey (V Tech U): Report on the Ar(e,e'p) experiment at Jefferson Lab
Eli Piasetzky (Tel Aviv U): Recent results from SRC studies using the (e,e'pp) reaction of medium and heavy nuclei
Jan Ryckebusch (U Ghent): Ground state properties of Short-Range Correlations and their study using knockout reactions
* Misak Sargsian (FIU)
Soeren Schlimme (U Mainz): Neutron form factor measurements at MAMI
Axel Schmidt (MIT): Tagging the EMC effect in d(e,e'N) reactions using the BAND and LAD detectors at JLab12
Concettina Sfienti (U Mainz): Title TBA
Steffen Strauch (USC): In-medium modification of nucleon form factors
Mark Strikman (Penn State U): Light -cone dynamics of nuclei in high energy scattering
Reynier Cruz Torres (MIT): Universality of Short-Range Correlations and the Contact Description of Nuclei
Michele Viviani (Pisa): Title TBA

* == unconfirmed


Hotel Astoria, Prešernova 44, 4260 Bled, Slovenia: see Google Maps.
Bled is a beautiful resort town at the foothills of the Julian Alps, see HERE and for additional information.

The nearest airport (20 mi / 35 km from Bled) is Ljubljana (LJU), reachable with daily flights from hubs like Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Paris, Brussels, London and Vienna.

Important dates and facts

July 2nd is arrival date, July 6th is departure date. Talks will be on the 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Early fee (until April 30, 2017): 350 EUR
Late fee (from May 1 until June 1, 2017): 450 EUR

The fee will cover the welcome reception on the 2nd, coffee-break snacks, lunches on the 3rd, 4th and 5th, the conference dinner on the 4th, and the proceedings.

Blocks of rooms for conference participants have been reserved with negotiated prices ranging from 89 EUR to 144 EUR per person per day, depending on hotel, room type and occupancy. You will be able to choose your preferred accommodation during the registration process. If you decide to book your accommodation yourself, simply skip the corresponding step in the registration form.

For help regarding the registration, please contact
Ms. Ksenija Blažič, Albatros Bled
phone: +386 4 5780358

There will be proceedings.