Simon Sirca

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Dept. of Physics, University of Ljubljana, Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
TEL +386 1 4766574, FAX +386 1 2517281, e-mail simon(dot)sirca(at)fmf(dot)uni-lj(dot)si

Research fields *

electromagnetic and spin structure of hadronic systems | electron coincidence experiments with polarized beams and targets | nucleon resonances in chiral quark models | (SICRIS file of the research group)

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Member of Jefferson Lab Hall A, MAMI/A1, MIT-Bates BLAST, and OOPS Collaborations.

Co-spokesperson of Jefferson Lab Experiments E05-102 (Ax and Az asymmetries in 3He(e,e'd)), E12-14-003 (Wide-angle Compton scattering at 8 and 10 GeV photon energies), E12-14-005 (Wide-angle, exclusive photoproduction of pi0 mesons).
Co-spokesperson of Jefferson Lab Proposal PR05-010 (Roper resonance).

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA (NIG | BLAST | MIT)
Jefferson Laboratory, Newport News, VA, USA (Hall A | TJNAF)
Nuclear Physics Institute, U Mainz, Germany (A1 | IKP | SFB443)
Dept of Physics, University of Coimbra, Portugal (UC)
Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics, Krakow, Poland (IFJ)

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